Custom Orthopedic Footwear

Custom Orthopedic Shoes are made to accommodate an unlimited number of situations.  Custom footwear is made from a cast of your foot to up above the ankle.  They will be made to address any foot problems.  They are required when off the shelf shoes can not be found to fit the foot because of deformities, leg length discrepancies or when a comprehensive AFP brace is worn.

After a detailed physical and gait exam is performed the client will choose from a selection of styles.  The footwear will be made to the desired style and will incorporate the necessary modifications as required to suit the clients individual needs.

Below is a few of the more commonly chosen styles.  Remember that every pair is fully custom and will be made to suit every clients physical needs while being sensitive to esthetics.

Modifications Available:

Velcro Straps
Brogue Decorations
Bellows Tongues
Pull on Heel Loops
Over Ankle Height
Sheepskin Lining
External Rocker Soles
Leather Soles
Extra Protection Toe Boxes
Safety Toe Caps
Extra Insoles
Elevation (internal/external)
Carbon Fiber Shanking
Extra Ankle Support
Prosthetic Toe Inserts
Lisfranc Filler
Chopart Filler
Full Mid-Forefoot Filler




Orthotic Sandals

Sandals that are built around a Custom Orthotic

Finally a sandal that not only is comfortable and attractive but will also address your biomechanical concerns.  Up until now, to achieve adequate biomechanical correction, one must wear fully enclosed shoes with a Custom Orthotic insert.

At Body Sync we are aware of the many styles of footwear that people enjoy.  It is for that reason we have gone the extra distance to satisfy their desire for fashion and comfort while addressing thier individual need for correction.

This is just another example of Body Sync's commitment to biomechanics and customer satisfaction!