.Hallux Limitus
The importance of the first metatarsophalangeal joint (MTP) has long been recognized in the proper function of the foot during gait. A critical component of normal ambulation is the achievement of adequate great toe motion, specifically in the direction of dorsiflexion, during terminal stance and pre-swing phases of gait. Restrictions in the amount of first MTP motion, such as encountered with hallux rigidus deformity, can result in pain, prominent osteophyte formation, and progressive limitation of dorsiflexion. Gait patterns may be altered as the patient's weight-bearng forces shift laterally to compensate for limitation of dorsiflexion at the MTP joint.

See also. Osteo Arthritis

Custom orthotics are designed to decrease pain through modifications in first MTP joint motion by maintaining subtalar neutral posture of the foot, whereby preventing lateral shifting of body weight over the great toe.  Shoe modifications and surgical procedures may also be required.