Morton's Neuroma
Neuroma: pinched nerve, nerve tumor, or swollen nerve are some common terms for a rather painful condition. A neuroma is usually situated between the third and fourth toes. They are characterized by a sharp, lancinating type pain, usually when the patient is wearing shoes. The patient feels that they may need to remove their shoe and rub their foot for relief. When a foot pronates, not only does the longitudinal arch collapse, but so does the transverse arch.  In doing so the metatarsal heads come closer together causing pressure and chafing on the nerve.

A custom orthotic will correct the falling longitudinal arch and in turn the transverse arch.  A Morton's Foot Deformity is where the great toe is shorter than the second toe.  This puts more pressure on the transverse arch during gait.  If a neuroma is present, it will be exacerbated by this foot type.  In this case a metatarsal pad will be added to the orthotic to assure relief to the neuroma.